Wheel of Fate

Ashes in Spring

Markus Toren

NPC encounters:
Burley Steve(by phone)
Carlos Cargal
Aisling “Ash”

Markus Toren receives a phone call from Aisling “Ash” informing him that he has found Headless Klein tied up inside a dumpster. Klien mentioned several names h6. Your title here…of the party members and Ash wanted to know if the headless man indeed was a friend of the party.

After confirming that they knew him, Ash mentioned that he had found the man near Toluca lake between North Hollywood and Burbank. As the motley boarded the bus Ash set off to find a bus stop to meet them at.

About an hour later Ash calls them back and agrees to meet them at the North Hollywood park bus stop.

While on the bus the motley encounters a plump Mexican man staring at them. He appears to be able to see them for what they are, monsters, and when asked describes them in detail. The man’s name is Carlos Cargal and he claims he was attacked by a large, fat, el duende with sharp teeth at the restaurant he works at in Santa Monica. He asks the party to not tell other el duende that they saw him and not kill him.

The party gets off the bus at the stop Ash mentioned and find him playing keep away with Klien’s head. After ‘rescuing’ their Headless friend Klien informed them that Damiana had asked him to come outside to look at something. He remembers smelling something sweet and then loosing conciousness. He then remembers waking up in a dumpster the following morning, tied up with zip-tie cuffs. He also remembers Dams talking about a ‘Shuck’.

After questioning Ash some and receiving his help in locating the business office of ‘The Other Guy’ a tabloid paper that employs Andie Harland, The motley proceeds into Burbank, seeking out the office. Without much trouble they find The Other Guy located in a suprsingly quaint office. Laying on the desk is pile of sealed envelopes. One of them bearing Andie’s name. Upon opening it they find his paycheck and a home address for Andie. Joey attempts to pocket the evelope, but Conrad puts it back.

A middle aged woman receptionist appears and Joey introduces the group as college students. After questioning they find out that Andie has been out of the office and was supposedly going to cover a story in the desert about the alien life forms he was so wrapped up in lately.

The motley then proceeded to board the bus again to Lakehome, a suburban district to the South of Los Angeles. On the way Conrad stumbles across facebook and finds the page of someone who appears to be him, only aged the number of years he was in Faerie. Mr. Emmerich had recently posted vacation photos of himself and his wife in Nice France. In fact just a few days before Conrad awoke in Hollywood. The man appears to now be the VP of the company Conrad worked for before disappearing.

The motely finds Andie Harland‘s appartment in a poor, but not completely impovrished appartment complex. Joey manages to pick the lock and they enter a dark room, noticing a terrible stench as they enter. The lights of the appartment are out and the room appears dishevled. A few of Andie’s old stories are laying abouty as well as a few books on the paranormal, all of recent aquisition. In a book on faeries they find a scrap of paper with the name ‘Handsome Jhonny’ on it with a phone number obscured by a stain.

Amoungst the titles were: The Mothman: Prophecy Beyond, Aliens Among Us: Truth Behind Stonehenge, Alien Abductions and Influence on the Celts and Other Ancient European Cultures, The Jersey Devil: Truthful Sightings, Faeires: Photographic and Historical Proof, Freaks Among Us.

In the book on the Jersey Devil Joey finds photos and uncanny illustrations of himself, as well as a monstous being with grey skin, a horse’s head, bat wings, claws, that walked upright on cloven hooves.

Curious, Conrad calls Burley Steve and asks him questions about the party encounters that day. While on the call with Steve, Klein mentions that sometimes the Keepers have Changelings that they send into the mortal realm to do their bidding.

Joey and Conrad both try to recall their durance, and both receive terrible visions. Visions that will haunt their Dreams in the weeks to come. Before leaving Andie’s home the group trashed his house, writing obscenities on the walls in red marker and leaving dollar bills with the eyes blacked out iin a pentagram pattern on the floor.

Tired and feeling ill, the motley and Klien board the last bus home. While passing through downtown L.A. Conrad spots a stocky man with stained clothes and sharp teeth wearing a red beanie. The man smiles a grotesque smile before te bus pulls away.


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