Wheel of Fate

Ice Cream and Bullets Under the Desert Sky

Fullfilling a Pledge in Sun Valley

Halt Aratory
Markus Toren
Npc encounters:
Burley Steve

The party obtained a breakfast from In and Out. $80 in burgers and children’s meals.

Afterwards, the Changlings that were awake made their way to Sun Valley.

The located Steve’s Ice Cream and entered. After ringing the bell the owner appeared. After a brief tense session the party gave the coral necklace to Steve. The necklace belonged to a Changeling Steve knew by the name of Charlotte, who had gone missing after entering a Hedge Gate in Burbank. She intended to take a Hedge Trod from Burbank to Santa Monica, but never came out.

Steve told the party that she had gone missing six months ago, but he had trouble enlisting the help of Summer Court to little avail. He turned to Jack Nimble, who was famous for getting things done, no matter what the cost.

In exchange for delivering the necklace, Steve allowed the party access to his weapons stash.

Conrad – m1911
Joey – m1911
Todaki – Steel Club
Marcus Obtained a Bow and quiver of 30 for Kelsie as well as a
Halt Obtained a Quiver of 30 arrows
Benny – Knife

The Party learned that Steve was a minor pledgecrafter and could craft Pledges of Alliance.


GrimAutumn GrimAutumn

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