Wheel of Fate

Jack's Pledge

The party prepares to pay their dues for Jack's Help...

Markus Toren

NPCs Encountered:
Jack Nimble Via Phone
The Spangled Lady Refrenced

Lady Seres awoke in what appeared to be a dumpster full of dismembered manikin parts. The dumpster was located inside a prop warehouse near the motel where the group is staying. She explored the warehouse to some degree and exited, seeing a red Ferrari speed by.

Kelsie spotted her wandering about and after consulting Conrad brought her into the wrecked double motel room.

Meanwhile ‘Benny’, Conrad, Joey, Todaki, and Halt Aratory stop by a Savers in Sun Valley before taking the bus home.

On the bus ride home the group spots a curious graffiti on a steel door under a bridge that crosses the river. The bridge being a part of Magnolia Blvd. The graffiti is a black ring of thorns surrounding the door, but appears to have recently been marked by a sloppy red X.

Conrad and Marcus both mark the location in their phones for later exploration.

Jack Nimble contacts Conrad on the bus trip home, informing him that he has a means for the party to repay their debts. He instructs Conrad to meet with Grim at the Hemingway Club on Sunset Strip.

After the bus ride the party returns to the motel. Kelsie is gifted a bow and arrows which he uses to snipe three pigeons, much to Seres‘s dismay and Marcus’s amusement. Kelsie explains his need to hunt birds to the party to fulfill his contract with The Cat.

After killing three birds Kelsie joins the motley as they return to sunset strip. They meet Grim outside the Hemingway Club and she leads them to a secluded garden behind the club and fills them in on their task. Jack Nimble wants them to silence a human paparazzi journalist by the name of Andie Harland.

Andy has been stalking Hollywood Spring court, but it has now become a major problem since he is stalking the Queen. The motley is new, cutting down their chances of being recognized. The party needs to silence Andie without killing him, hurting him, or making him mysteriously disappear to avoid notice of Hunters.


GrimAutumn GrimAutumn

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