Wheel of Fate

Out of the Thorns, Into the Diamond Freehold

Sunday June 13, 2014 Log

Includes notes from prior sessions. From entrance to closure.

Participating Characters in order of appearance:

NPCs Encounters:
Headless Klein
Lady Grey
Jack Nimble
Belinda Clearwater
The Waxfaced Man
Sheriff Bonewise

Part I Day:

Conrad, Kelsie, Todaki, Boris, and Marcus appeared on the intersection of Orange and Sunset. Conrad and Todaki having no recollection of how they arrived there. Their first sight upon their appearance at the intersection was of bright red Ferrari speeding through a Red Light.

Kelsie uses one of his Goblin fruits to heal Todaki.

Conrad, upon going to an atm, found that he had 80,000 dollars in his checking account and about 600,000 in savings.

Upon realization he offered treated his strange host of friends to In and Out.

While Feasting in In and Out the party encounters a Fairest and an Ogre who call themselves Damiana and Bert. First offending the pair with their noise. It seems a fight will break out between Boris and Bert, but Damiana intercedes.

Damiana insists that since Conrad has the money to spend he should aquire more suitable clothes for himself and the party. She gives him the choice of two locations. Conrad chooses to go to a store called Church.

The group takes two taxis to Church, an upscale but scene-y clothing store. The outside of the store is completely covered in plant growth. They briefly encounter a counter clerk called Ivy, but do not engage her in conversation.

Boris, Conrad, Kelsie, Klein, and Marcus obtain new clothes while Todaki refuses to change out of his Samurai costume. Several thousand dollars were spent on clothing, including several dresses Dams persuaded Conrad to buy.

Conrad has an an encounter over the phone and discards his old cell.

The group proceeds to Apple store to purchase smart phones upon Dams’ suggestion.

Conrad purchased phones for Kelsie, Marcus, and himself as well as an iPad for the Russian. They got family plan. The Clerk suggested Conrad buy the app ‘Helicopter Parent’ to track Kelsie’s phone.

Whilst purchasing the phones Conrad and Marcus step into the Bathroom to find Joey, freshly emerged from the Toilet, a temporary portal out of the Hedge.

After calming Joey, the party exits the restroom to claim their phones. Conrad finds out in the mean time Dams has borrowed his card and helped herself to $20,000 from his bank account. They also find that Boris and Headless Klein are missing

Part II Dusk

Frustrated and exhausted, the party finds a hotel room for the night called ‘The Hollywood Vagabond’, a two story motel. They obtain two rooms, adjacent and connected by a door.

The party spies a hooded figure watching them from an alley, but when approached the figure slips away.

Marcus removes the lightbulbs in the room he is staying in and uses it to craft makeshift grenades compatible with his launcher.

Marcus and Todaki set off to explore the immediate area.

Seeking weapons of their own, Conrad and Joey attempt to locate a gun shop in the area. The hotel clerk is unable to help them, but Joey manages to coerce information of the clerk’s weed dealer from him.

Conrad, Kelsie, and Joey also head off back into the city. The return to In-And-Out to find Mindy, a part-time pot dealer.

Mindy knows no means to acquire guns in Hollywood but sells Conrad a bag of weed.

Kelsie sneaks away from his adult companions and makes his way to Sunset Blvd, which is livening up for the night.

Kelsie manages to sneak into a Art Deco themed Nightclub by the name of Boardner’s. He encounters three Changlings. Grim, Jack Nimble, and The Waxfaced Man. The Waxfaced Man takes Kelsie to a private booth to explain some things.

Marcus and Todaki snoop around, following the trail that they assume the hooded figure from earlier followed. They come across a large storage warehouse for disused props that appears to have been recently broken into by multiple parties. They follow a trail through the dust. Several items appear to have been rooted around in.

At the back of the warehouse they encounter Aisling, or Ash, sitting atop a tall stack of crates. After tense conversation Ash allows Marcus to have his phone number as a sign of goodwill and offers to take them to the next Goblin Market that he is aware of.

In a wastebin outside the warehouse, Benny emerges, presumably from the Hedge.

Benny enters the warehouse and begins to explore. He finds a sleek matte black vehicle under one of the tarps. Unfortunately the vehicle has no engine and would not run.

Benny joins up with Marcus and Todaki they return to the hotel to regroup with Conrad and Joey. While at the a hotel rooms another person appears from out of their closet. A Bloodbrute Ogre Gladiator by the name of Pelagius.

Conrad and Joey try to calm to man but he flees.

Conrad, Joey, Marcus, and Benny decide to return to Sunset strip to find Kelsie.

Part III Night

Boris finds himself wandering the streets at night, meeting Auron, who had just woken up face down in alley.

They make their way to the Sunset Strip and meet Conrad, Markus, Benny, and Joey outside Boardner’s. Benny sneaks into the club and Marcus convinces the bouncer that the others are VIPs and lets them into the club without waiting in line.

Boris and Auron make their way to their bar and meet Belinda Clearwater, a member of the Winter Court. It becomes clear that Boardner’s is a Changling owned establishment.

Marcus overhears the conversation of a group of Autumn Courtiers in the upper loft. Jack Nimble and Grim are informing Lady Grey that someone named ‘Testament’ was recently murdered. A King of the Autumn court, despite having standing within the court she doesn’t seem to care about the plight of the Courtiers in other districts.

Lady Grey encounters the party in her search for The Waxfaced Man. Grey seems annoyed with the party but recommends the party seek out the Safe Harbor Society, a group that exists to help Changelings newly arrived to the world.

Conrad, Kelsie, and Joey enter a Pledge with Jack Nimble to deliver a coral necklace to an ice cream shop in Sun Valley, in exchange for weapons. As per part of the Pledge the party members may not attack members of the Court of Autumn except in self defense.

Outside the club Halt and Jean appear from the Thorns. Jean, Joey’s ex girlfriend, have an unhappy reunion outside the club. While Conrad is seduced by Liam and taken to a private booth where he suffers frostbite.

Kelsie is able to heal Halt’s broken arm with on of his last Goblin fruits.

The party returns to the hotel for the night.


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