Something Broken


Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Blightbent, Manikin
Court: Autumn

Aisling, or just “Ash”, is a tall lanky man covered from head to toe in loose black clothing that seems tugged by a gentle breeze or invisible force that only surrounds him. In many ways he resembles a skeleton or scarecrow wrapped in clothing that is black by nature or stained that way from the ash and soot that is always seeping out of him. He is always covered head to toe in these wrappings and a dark hood. His fingers are very long. A iron mask is bolted into his skull where his face should be, and two glass lenses serve as his eyes. If those lenses are a window to his soul, then it is a sooty black shifting void. He is scarecrow-like, but perhaps a very different time of scarecrow than Jack Nimble.

Ash almost always stands with poor posture and walks as if he has suffered some terrible injury. There is something feral about his gait, as if he is constantly stalking something. He is capable of standing upright and walking more normally, and does so in his moments of clarity or if one of the part mentions something of interest to him.

Wherever he goes he carries a shovel as filthy as he is.


Ash seems to be mildly disturbed member of the Autumn Court who wanders L.A. and Orange Counties. He can often be found sitting alone so still that birds and small animals roost on him. Despite his strange demeanor he seems to know many of the Changelings in the area.

If his clothes or his claims are evidence, he was taken from the trenches in the first or second World Wars. His clothes are the same as the battlefield dress of a soldier from that time. He also seems to have escaped his durance long ago, long enough to know Los Angeles very well.

His alliances are unknown if he has any.


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