Andie Harland

Desperate Paparazzi


Gender: Male
Race: Mortal(Human)

If his photo is accurate then Andie is a average built man in his early thirties. He has a round, pleasant face wearing a smile in his photo. If his apartment and photo are any indication he is a fan of Hawaiian style shirts, cargo shorts, and teva sandals. He wears a red Phoenix Cardinals hat wherever he goes.


A hack paparazzi that has suddenly become well informed about the prescience of Changelings. He is currently harassing members of the Spring Court, including The Spangled Queen.

Grim has tasked the party with silencing him without killing him before the wrong sorts of beings take notice, like Hunters or curious Vampires.

The party manage to track down his workplace, the main office of a tabloid paper known as The Other Guy. From there they found his home in Lakewood, a suburb south of downtown LA. Andie appears to live in a modest apartment that exists in a current state of disarray.

His apartment smells of unwashed clothing and spoiled food, his electricity seems to have been cut some time ago. His fascination with the paranormal is a sudden as it is bizarre.

If the secretary at Andie’s work were to be right, Andie is currently working on a story in the desert.

Andie Harland

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