The Beast


“Is this guy bovverin’ you then, Dams?”
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Water-Dweller
Court: Unknown

While not especially large as Ogres go. he’s still fairly massive compared to ordinary folk. Bert is an impressive specimen with the build of a longshorman with the face of a monster. His skin of an orange shade and covered in coarse black body hair. Sallow red eyes peer from beneath beetled brows and his broad flat nose and his prominant tusks give his face a warthog cast.

While his partner dresses with fashion first, Bert tends to wear whatever is sturdy enough to hold up and keep him warm — denim work shirts, thick trousers, and steel toed boots are his usual garb of choice. He speaks in a thick, decidedly lower class, London accent.

Always in the company of Damiana


Bert was one of the first Changelings the motley encountered in Hollywood. Bert was encountered in the In and Out. He approaches the table on Dams request, mentioning that they group’s noise was disturbing Dams. In looked like there might be a fight between himself, Boris, and Todaki until Dams intervcepted.

For most of the tour Dams hosted in Hollywood Bert was a silent observer, watching the party with a grim scowl until Dams decided it was time to go.


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