Burley Steve

Owner of Steve's Ice Cream


Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Farwalker
Court: Winter
Fealties: None

A weapons dealer located in Sun Valley. Steve specializes in small untraceable small arms. Steve is also a minor pledge craftier, specializing in crafting Pledges of Alliance. If they so choose the party can use Steve’s services to enter into a Motley Pledge. He is the owner of Steve’s Ice Cream, an ice cream shop that doubles as a weapons locker for Changelings in sun Valley.

Steve’s Ice Cream boasts Forty Seven flavors.


Party Encounters:

The Party was sent by Jack Nimble to deliver a strange necklace to the Owner in exchange for weapons. The necklace apparently belongs to a woman named Charlotte, who was apparently very special to Steve. In accordance to the Pledge between himself and Jack he gave the party some untraceable small arms.

He explained his situation to the party, informing them that Charlotte had gone missing when she was attempting to Hedgewalk from Burbank to Santa Monica nealry six months prior and that she was last known to be seen entering a stable Hedge Gate in Burbank where East Magnolia Drive crosses the river.

He explained that the local Summer Court said they couldn’t do anything for him, and that he turned to the Autumn Court and Jack Nimble.

Steve also offered the Party Pledgecrafting services of what little be could manage.

Burley Steve

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