Carlos Garcal

"Please don't kill me, senor."


Gender: Male
Race: Latino, Human?

Carlos is a plump, but not fat, Mexican man with black, thinning, hair and a handlebar mustache. His hands and chef uniform a stained with food and he carries a sharpened carving knife on his person.


Carlos was once an up and coming Chef in Hollywood catering to the rich and famous’ His mentor handed over the reigns of the restaurant to him, but soon after he disappeared. He appeared three days later in Bel Aire, so drunk he couldn’t remember anything. The restaurant decided he was unstable and fired him.

He took up a job in Santa Monica, but somehow he lost his spark. He currently works two jobs, at a restaurant in Santa Monica and one in Burbank.

Carlos has the curious ability to see Changelings, but is frightened of them all the same. He claims he was stalked for several months by a huge fat creature with terrible teeth before the creature attempted to kill him while he was cleaning up after work late one night.

Carlos Garcal

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