The Beauty


“I’m bored. You’re boring. Bert? This person is boring me’”
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Bright One
Court: Unknown

Tall and full figured, Dams resembles a coposite of some of the greatest films of Hollywood’s golden age: legs like Betty Grable, a figure like Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth’s red hair, and Marlene Dietrict’s eyes. She shines from within with a cold, unearthly light. She dresses provocatively with subtle anachronistic hints in her modern attire.

Although she can exibit poise and grace in her natural state Damiana is often restless and fidgety. Whether it’s bouncing on one foot or otherwise Dams is always in some sort of motion. Her moods, likewise, are seldom a constant thing- though she avoids displays of anger, Damiana can slide from flirtatiously amused to dangerously bored in the space of a heartbeat.

Always seen in the company of h2. Bert


Damiana was one of the first Changlings the group encountered in Hollywood. She and her companion were eating in the In and Out when the party entered and placed a large order. First annoyed and digusted by the noise of the the party she became suddenly and unreasonably friendly and even offered them a tour.

She took them several places, including Church, a high end clothing store where she persuaded Conrad to purchase several thousand dollars worth of dresses for her. She then took the group to aquire phones, and while the motley was seeing to Joey she absconded with a large amount of Conrad’s money and Headless Klein.

Klien was later located by Aisling “Ash”, tied up in a dumpster near Toluca Lake. Dams mentioned a ‘Shuck’, or so Klien claims to have heard while coming to. Her motives and intentions are unknown.


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