Hostess of LURE


Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Polychromatic
Court: Spring(suspected)

Dazzle is an energetic looking young girl with multi-colored hair. Her eyes are constantly shifting in colors. She wears brightly colored make-up, each eye a different color and her lips candied cherry red. The scent of fresh air fills her aura.

Dazzle dresses in skimpy club attire. Her stomach is often bare showing off her abs. The purple neon fishnet covers her arms down to her wrists and a strap of orange latex covers her small breasts. She wears black latex shorts that barely contain her rear with her thong straps pulled up over her hipbones. She’s fond of platform boots, which she easily gets around in with all the grace expected of her Seeming, and one rainbow colored stocking paired with a purple fishnet sock of two varied lengths.


Player encounters:

Invited Conrad, Marcus, Joey, and Benny to LURE. They turned her down, but she went back to working the crowd and handing out fliers without much concern. She seemed to have an excitable personality.


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