Autumn Knight


“What new breed of idiot is this who stands before me?”
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: ???
Court: Autumn
Fealty: Ingrid of the Stones(Or so says Aisling)

A member of the Autumn Court. Standing unknown. Seen in the company of Jack Nimble in Boardner’s.

Grim is a pale woman with Raven black hair and unnaturally green eyes that are luminous in the dark. She wears black clothing and a pair of elegant glasses frames. Her skin features seem almost painted like a porcelain doll, complete with reddened eyelids and pink lips. A pair of curled horns grow from the crown of her head. Her ears are elongated and deer-like and a long white tail tufted in black fur grows from the base of her spine. Small orc-like tusks jut out of her lower jaw but she keeps them covered except for when speaking.

Grim’s aura seems polluted with a very ominous and oppressive prescience like a dark shadow or entity looming over her. She carried herself with both the firm march of a fascist military leader, her footsteps trailing dread, and the grace of a noble born lady. Though at the drop of had she can slip into any dark alley or bad neighborhood and seem like she belongs there, at times this almost seems more natural. Strange grey markings seemed to bleed out of her skin like aged tattoos, marking her upper arms, chest, lips, and eyelids.

Her clothes seem to be an amalgamation of combat gear and black lace. Most of her outfits are black with shades of gray, even in her modern clothes seem to bear some anachronistic and eclectic flare. Often wears strange pewter jewelry and carries strange objects with her. It’s possible these are Tokens or something similar. Sometimes seen with rosary beads.


Grim seems to be all seriousness. She is quite and calculating, choosing not to really engage the party herself, choosing to watch how they dealt with Jack Nimble first.

In her second encounter she seemed much more inclined to share useful information with the group. She still shares little beyond what’s needed to know, but informed those there that not raising too much direct suspicion from mortals was a good idea.

Player encounters:

Met by Kelsie in Boardner’s. Phone number obtained. Out of the Thorns, Into the Diamond Freehold

Met by Markus Toren Out of the Thorns, Into the Diamond Freehold

Gave the party details on Jack’s Pledge and gave the group useful information about surviving as Changelings.


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