Headless Klein

Don't loose your head. Don't Loose your way.


Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Gravewight

Headless Klein is a all that remains of a proud young Hessian warrior. He is impressively tall and is clad in black leather armor with iron fittings. Like Kelsie his head is detachable and he is often seen carrying it tucked under one arm or has it laced to his neck with a white scarf stained with deep reddish brown stains. Also like Kelsie his skin is deathly pale with darkened eye sockets. His teeth are white and appear elongated due to his receding gum-line.
If he weren’t dead, one could assume Klein would look quite handsome. He is tall and has a strapping figure, well cut out to be the villain he played the part of for several hundred years. Atop his steed with a flaming Jack-O-Lantern in hand, Klein looks something straight of of a nightmare.

He has a horse named Dämmerung, a giant beast mutated by Arcadia much like a certain bird. The horse snorts smoke and flame. Probably bites.


The Horseman that stole Kelsie from the mortal realm under the control of Minister Thorne was once a Hessian Soldier that became lost in the Hedge. Minister Thorne kept the Horseman’s head in a tower and used him to capture and terrorize mortals and hobs alike. Klein’s headless body was used innumerable times to retrieve victims for Thorne’s grotesque sermons.

For hundreds of years the Horseman stalked the dark corners of the Earth… that is, until Kelsie braved the Belfry tower of Minister Thorne’s chapel and stole back Klein’s head, replacing it with a pumpkin-like fruit that resembled a bloated severed head itself. It is debatable as to whether Kelsie was intended to be the Horseman’s replacement, or an assistant in something gruesome Thorne had planned. The Horseman summoned his steed and body and fled the Arcadia with Kelsie, though it seems he did not intend to end up in the modern era. Now free he is indebted to Kelsie… that is if he hadn’t have gone missing.

Lured away from the motley by Damiana, Klein was drugged and held captive until he was found by Aisling “Ash”. Now reuinted with friendly Changelings, Klein seems concerned with getting back to Kelsie.

Headless Klein

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