The Spangled Lady

Queen of the Emerald Sceptre


Kith: Fairest
Seeming: Muse
Court: Spring

Queen of the Spring Court in Hollywood, a very powerful and influential figure. If her Tabloid photo is accurate she is a demure woman, a woman of silver screen beauty from her looks to her garb. She is a living anachronistic relic of Hollywood’s past misplaced into the modern century.

The Queen of Spring is Currently being harassed by Andie Harland, a paparazzi. Her and several members of the Spring Court are being stalked and defaming articles are being posted about her in a local tabloid magazine.


Andie’s Article

Bodysnatchers are Real!… and have been among us for years! Take Jean Elizabeth Spangler, said to have disappeared on October 7th, 1949, Spangler left her home in Los Angeles to meet her former husband to discuss late child support payment in Griffith Park. After that Spangler, a young starlet, was supposed to work on filming a movie. But Miss Spangler never made it to the set of her movie. As the story goes, shewas never heard of again.

Until now… Unknown to most Spangler made her return under the guise of Josephene Spenglese. A woman adored for her old-Hollywood demure. But is Spenglese the returned Spangler or is she a copy placed among us by Alien beings. In my previous articles I discussed the long history of Aliens among us, haunting even the ancient Celts and Germans. My friends these creatures are the reason behind disappearances throughout history. In their long life spans they must think we humans won’t miss a woman for nearly sixty years. Whatever the reason these being are returning copies of lost loved ones it must surely be evil.

The Spangled Lady

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