Also known as The Lost. Changelings are Humans transformed into Fae Creatures by the Gentry. Changelings make up the player body for the Wheel of Fate game.


A Changeling’s seeming is entirely her own. Although the seeming reflects in some ways the The True Fae who originally stole the Changeling from the human world or in some cases, the tasks the Changeling was given by his Keeper; it’s only part of the story. An abusive parent instills something of his own personality in his hapless child, and even if the child overcomes the trauma of the abuse, those marks remain.

However… every survivor reacts to his trauma in his own way…

There are four main types of Seemings with a multitude of Kiths that are too numerous to list.

Beasts: Changelings that share qualities with animals both mythical and mundane. They feel the call of the wild and inherit animal instincts and abilities. In their durance they were either the hunting dogs of their Keepers or the hunted. They are at home in stalking alleys or wilderness alike and appeal to mortals through a dangerous and primal charisma.

“Big eyes? Yeah. All the better to see you with, babe.”

Example:Halt Aratory

Darklings: Changelings that represent the aspects of Fear and Shadow. Lurkers in the Dark. Often those who experience the devices of truely terrible Keepers. They share a kinship with the dead and are often seen as nightmares in human form. Night is when Darklings feel most at ease, lurking through derelict tunnels or treading the paths of a mortal’s most terrible dreams.

“No, you didn’t hear anything. It was your imagination.”

Examples: Kelsie, Benny, Headless Klein, Jack Nimble

Elementals: Changelings that have become one with an aspect of nature. Most Elementals do not recall their durance with whole clarity. They do not see memory as most do and instead see their past in bursts of raw and primal experiences. The lot of an Elemental is truly a strange one, as their humanity was thoroughly ripped appart and replaced with something far more primal. No matter how close they grow to people, they are always a distant outsider.

“The land doesn’t forget. I’m not prone to, either.”

Examples: Aisling, Seres

Fairests: Changelings that embody the beauty and majesty of the Fae. They are unearthly grace and alien beauty, like the Elves of old. Like the Keepers. Often stolen as lovers or to be high ranking servants, though this is hardly a blessing. These are the Lost that spent time closest to the Keepers and were subject to all their most immediate torments. Their close proximity with the Gentry rubbed off and while other Changelings are imbued with aspects of beast, wilderness, or emotions the Fairest have taken some of the True Fae into them. For the Fairest madness is real and they struggle every day to maintain themselves, less they fail and become the very thing that haunts them most. While Fairest might be born to lead, sometimes they remind other Changelings of the keepers too much.

“You’re going to buy me a drink, and then I’m going to humiliate you. And you know, and you’re going to do it anyway because I want you to.”

Examples: Auron Draven, Conrad, Dazzle

Ogres: Changelings that were subject to violence and became avatars of it. They are the giants of old, the Jotun that clashed to Odin’s Aesir, they are the trolls lurking under bridges. Sons and daughters of the mountain and hard toil. Those who become ogres are not lucky. Ogres are those who worked under the whip or fought on bloody battlefields, becoming true monsters that the Gentry so loved to have on a leash. Now those leashes are broken…

“Fee, fai, foh, fum, I smell the blood of- Oh, I don’t care. English, American, it all comes out the same way.”

Examples: Sheriff Bonewise, Todaki, Burley Steve, Boris

Wizened: Changelings that served as workers and servants only to become the figure of their profession. From tinker dwarves to the terrible and vast grunts of the Gentry’s Fae armies to the wide eyed servants of the Gentry’s manors and palaces. Stunted but enlightened, the Wizened are accustomed to getting kicked into the dirt, but you’ll never see that knowing smile they hide in the dust.

“Impossible? Not at all. Not for me. It’s difficult enough that you’ll need to pay in advanced, but not impossible.”

Examples: Markus Toren


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