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Here you will find useful information of all sorts. I try and keep the pages as up-to-date as humanly possible. The wiki pages hold enlightening information for those perceptive enough to see it, though I discourage too much meta.The wiki is largely a work in progress.

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A Word on Theme and Setting

The World of Darkness setting is one that closely resembles our own world. The cities and countries are all the same, as are most events through history. Except in the World of Darkness Monsters and conspiracies are real.

World of Darkness is a game of Horror and Mystery. It is game of Conspiracies and Secret Wars where shadows dance behind a veil and across the moon at night when normal mortals are asleep.

In the Wheel of Fate players take the roll of Changelings or the Lost, people stolen from their lives by The True Fae. The Lost are the few that escape, but are forever changed by the volatile realm of Arcadia.

Do you try to assimilate into the modern world and attempt to lead a life of normalcy or fully embrace your Fate and being of a half-monster. Changelings are human, but a little bit of Faerie has seeped into their beings. To the frail Lost enemies are everywhere; mortals, other Changelings, the True Fae, and other stranger creatures in the night, and even themselves.

Player Characters

Past and Present PCs
‘Benny’ – Played by Joe
Auron Draven – Played by Patrick
Boris – Played by Jake
Conrad – Played by Brent
Halt Aratory – Played by Sherman
Joey – Played by Sweet Babby Dalts
Kelsie – Played by Taylor
Markus Toren – Played by John
Seres – Played by Nova
Todaki – Played by Michael




Entitlements and Eldritch Orders


The True Fae

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