Here are a list of known freehold territories throughout L.A. and Orange County.

The Diamond of the Gold Gold Crown of Eternal Spring

Shortened form: The Diamond Freehold
Location: Hollywood and Beverly Hills
Ruling Court: Spring -The Emerald Scepter
Presences: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter
Freehold Banner: A Gold Tiara with Diamond and Pearl Embellishments With Green Ribbons Laced around the gold. Set behind this is the symbol of the current ruling court. The ribbons change color depending on the court ruling as do the jewels set into the crown. No matter what rests in the crown it is always set with diamonds.
Notes: Four major courts have presences here, but The Spangled Lady wears the High Crown.

Autumn Court in Hollywood is known as the Leaden Specula and their symbol is a magnifying glass inlay with opals, idocrase, and orange tourmaline.

Winter Court in Hollywood’s symbols are unknown.

Summer Court in Hollywood’s symbols are unknown.

Spring Court in Hollywood is known as The Emerald Scepter. Their symbol is a white-gold and gold scepter encrusted with emeralds and peridot.

The Virgin Sunkissed Valley Freehold

Shortened Form: Sun Valley Freehold
Location: Sun Valley
Ruling Court: Summer- Blessed in Morning Rays
Presences:Summer, Winter Courtiers in Sparse amounts
Freehold Symbol: The Sun shining over the desert hills.
Notes: Responsible for patrolling the highways in the area and to the north and northeast.

The Memoriallum of Eternal Stones

Shortened Form: The Stones Freehold
Location: Rose Hill Park
Ruling Court: Autumn – The Hallowed
Presences: Assumed only Autumn
Freehold Symbol: A stone angel holding a candle burning low
Notes: Autumn court stronghold. A haven for any Autumn courtiers in LA as long as they respect Ingrid of the Stones.

The Freehold of Darkened Shores

Shortened Form: Dark Shore
Location: Santa Monica and Venice Beach area.
Ruling Court: Autumn – Stormy Seas
Presences: Unknown.
Freehold Symbol: A red-eyed blowfish in dark water
Notes: Currently in chaos after the death of Lord’s Will and Testament.

Zhè Piàn Tǔdì Yǒngyuǎn in Chinatown; Eien ni kono Ji in Little Tokyo

Shortened In Chinatown Tǔdì, in Little Tokyo
Location: Chinatown and Little Tokyo in LA
Ruling Court: Four Directions – The Wise Council
Presences: North, East, South, West
Freehold Symbol: A black turtle, a blue-green dragon, a red phoenix, and a white tiger all rotating around the four cardinal elements.
Notes: Subsidiary to stronger courts in Asia. They exist to bring the knowledge of the Four Directional courts to Asian american changelings.


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