The True Fae

Gentle Lords and Fairest Ladies

Also known as the Keepers, the Others, and other stranger coloquealisms. Alien monsters that exist beyond the reaches of reality, past the Hedge in the distant land of Arcadia. Great and Terrible beings that command awe and terror.

While not specifically demons the Others certainly can ressemble such monsters. Arcadia is a seemingly infinite realm of Madness, after all. The nature of the True Fae is a question of the chicken or the egg. Were the True Fae born of human nightmare and madness or are they the reason for such plagues on mankind.

Know one knows why the True Fae seek humans or Changelings for servants and slaves. Some say that the Fae find humans beautiful. Others say that it is the human soul, something the Keepers lack, is what draws them to steal children from their beds. With a host of Goblin and Lesser Fae servants in the Hedge and Arcadia it seems illogical for the Others to seek humans.

Humans of all walks of life are viable targets; young or old, rich or poor, saintly or sinful, male or female. All are likely targets for slavery or torment.

What can be said about the True Fae is that they seem to huant certain places in particular, almost like Ghosts. These sites are sometimes places of worship, when ancient humans paid tribute to pagan Gods while others seem completely random.

Known Keepers

High Minister Thorne – Kelsie
Professor Vellum Barnsworth – Markus Toren
The Multicolored Prince; Hunter of Hunters and Lord of the Screaming Jungles -Halt Aratory
The Queen of the Sun Syzygy – Auron Draven
The Smiling Lady – ‘Benny’
The Ringmaster – Boris

The Keepers of Joey, Conrad, Seres, and Todaki, the memories of their durance sealed away or stolen from their minds.

The True Fae

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