Jack Nimble

A Scarecrow of Autumn


Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Pishacha
Court: Autumn

Nimble is a man of average height and build. He is rarely seen without a cool and cunning grin over his grotesque features. His face is scarecrow-like and patches of straw stick out of his stylish suits. His face appears to be stitched together with swatches of human flesh. He smokes Turkish Blend Camels and usually seen with a cigarette perched on his lip.

Nimble’s eyes are everywhere at once, cunning and searching for opportunities.


Not much is known about Jack Nimble aside from the man is a member of the Autumn Court and is owed many things by many people. He was met in Boardner’s along with Grim and Lady Grey.

Jack seems to have an eye for opportunity and entered a pledge with the motley. In exchange for delivering something to Burley Steve and doing a favor for Jack he would ensure they would have weapons.

Jack Nimble

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