Mi Meo

You like noodle? Shrimp tempura? Spring roll?


Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart/Truefriend
Court: Court of the West

‘Sister’ to Nice Lady, though it is uncertain whether they are really sisters and both endured a durance in the the hedge together or are simply adopted. Mi certainly resembles Nice in the feline aspects. Unlike her sister however, Mi dresses slightly more modern attire.

Mi is soft spoken and her accent is more subtle and slightly different than the way Nice speaks. Whereas Nice speaks in a smug feline yowl Mi’s voice is a soft purr. Mi has a sword tattooed to her collar and her fur is becoming stark white ibn places. Her stripes are more pronounced, like a tiger or jungle cats. She has a sword tattooed on her wrist.


Owns a small noodle cart in Chinatown from which she sells street food from.

Mi Meo

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