Nice Lady

Nyaa, fo' you a good price just thirty dorrar more, eh?


Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart/Trickster (dual Kith)
Court: Court of the East

Nice-Lady is a youthful Vietnamese, or is it Chinese? Korean? It is hard to tell with her skin supplanted with the striped hide of a feline. Her tail swishes behind her when she looks at people, much like a cat watching tasty tasty fish swimming behind a glass tank.

Her whiskered face is always in a smug feline grin, and when she shows her feral teeth one of them has supplanted with a gold tooth encrusted in gems. Nice-Lady is speaks in a comically thick accent laces with smug jabs at whites and westerners in general.


Runs a shop in Chinatown owned by an old man who sleeps behind the counter. The Shop is called ‘Far East Traditional Medicine and Gift’.

Nice Lady

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