The Courts

Courts are the organizations formed by Changelings aligned by political and spiritual ideals. Courts are a source of power as it grants a Changeling allies, resources, and access to pledges and contracts not otherwise available. Some areas contain all courts. Some have just one.

It is know that one can swear themselves to a season without swearing fealty one Queen or King, but the rulers of certain areas expect a certain respect. Sometimes there will be tithes and rules expected of Changelings from one freehold to another. Courts in certain freeholds might go by different names, for instance, the Emerald Sceptre of Hollywood is still Spring Court.

Known Courts

The Spring Court
Other names: The Emerald Court, The Court of Desire, the Antler Crown
Example Members: Dazzle The Spangled Lady

The Summer Court
Other names: The Iron Spear, The Crimson Court, The Court of Wratch
Example Members: Sheriff Bonewise

The Autumn Court
Other names: The Leaden Mirror, The Ashen Court, The Court of Fear
Example Members: Aisling Jack Nimble Grim

The Winter Court
Other names: The Silent Arrow, The Onyx Court, The Court of Sorrow
Example Members: Burley Steve Belinda Clearwater



The Courts

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